Summertime and the Living Is Easy…Now Who’s Ready for Vacation?

(Have we mentioned yet that we’re really excited that warmer weather is finally here? Really, really excited?)

We hate to see the program year go (check out our upcoming tribute to the outgoing Section Co-Chairs), but we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome the advent of summer. Maybe we’ll regret that when it’s the dog days of July; but for now, we’re getting our summer on here at VoB.

On that note — we hope you are, too! And because this is Voices of the Bar, we’re curious to find out whether our members are eagerly anticipating summer for any particular reason. Like, say…a notable vacation?

So tell us: do you have a vacation already planned? Is it an outdoor backpacking adventure? A relaxing beachside weekend? Let us know in the poll below!


What are your summer vacation plans?

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