Voices of the Bar 4/30/15: What is your favorite lawyer joke?

This Friday is Law Day, a celebration of the legal profession and all that it contributes to our society. The BBA celebrates every year by visiting Boston public schools students during Law Day in the Schools and presenting a lesson on the law, democracy, and the justice system to the students. These lessons – and hearing about the kids’ ideas about lawyers – are unfailingly entertaining; and we think that being able to have a good laugh at the stereotypes surrounding lawyers is valuable.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“What is your favorite lawyer joke?”

Anthony A. Froio – Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP
“A lawyer dies and goes to Heaven. ‘There must be some mistake,’ the lawyer argues. ‘I’m too young to die. I’m only 55.’ ‘Fifty-five?’ says Saint Peter. ‘No, according to our calculations, you’re 82.’ ‘How’d you get that?’ the lawyer asks. Answers St. Peter, ‘We added up your time sheets.'”


Martin J. Newhouse – New England Legal Foundation
“A partner and an associate had worked together on a trial. Once the matter was submitted to the jury and the lawyers had left the courtroom, the partner turned to the associate and said, ‘As you know, this case took much longer than we expected, and I’ve got to leave tonight on a cruise with my wife. I know that I can safely leave the case in your hands at this point. But just make sure that if the jury comes back with its verdict while I am away, you cable me immediately to let me know what the jury decided. Here is the name of the our cruise ship and how to send me a cable.’ At that, the partner left with his wife for their cruise.

Every day of the cruise, the partner waited for word about the jury’s verdict. Finally, after three days, a cable arrived from the associate: ‘The jury reached its verdict. Justice has been served.’ The partner cabled back: ‘Appeal immediately.'”


Larry S. DiCara – Nixon Peabody LLP
“A lawyer knocks on the doors of heaven. St. Peter suggests he looks good for someone who is 102. The lawyer responds he just turned 80. St. Peter responds: ‘That’s not what your time sheets tell me!'”


Joseph M. Griffin – The Law Office of Joseph M. Griffin
“Q: What do you call a smiling, sober, courteous person at a bar association convention?
A: The caterer.”


Christopher D. Strang – Strang, Scott, Giroux & Young
“My favorite lawyer joke is Cole Young.”



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