Voices of the Bar 5/7/15: Whom do you wish you could meet from the past or present – and why?

Spring at the BBA means a slew of programs featuring hot topics and influential speakers, including programs like Cutting Edge Issues in Criminal Law and Meet the Banking GCs. We’re excited to hear from these great minds of the present as they comment on pressing and relevant issues to the profession.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“Whom do you wish you could meet from the past or present, either within the legal community or outside of it – and why?”


Ruth O’Meara-Costello — Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP
“I would love to talk with my favorite childhood author, Louisa May Alcott. In addition to writing heartfelt and insightful children’s novels about families, she was a suffragist and early feminist, and an abolitionist who worked as a nurse in a Union hospital during the Civil War. In view of my practice as an employment lawyer representing plaintiffs in gender discrimination cases (not to mention my own efforts to juggle work and kids) I think it would be fascinating to hear her thoughts on women’s roles in the workplace today.”


Anthony E. Fuller — Collora LLP
“Without question, Oliver Wendell Holmes. I recently re-read his famous Memorial Day speech from 1884 (“In Our Youth Our Hearts Were Touched With Fire…”) and was struck by how timeless that speech is. I would like to ask him to describe how his military service in combat influenced his life as a lawyer and judge. I also suspect he would have been a good guy to have a beer with.”


Nadiyah Humber – Northeastern University School of Law
“I wish I could meet Thurgood Marshall, so I could hear his thoughts on fighting for civil rights issues in 2015.”


Basilios E. Tsingos – Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp.
“If I could meet anyone from the past or present it would be the defendant of arguably the most famous trial in history: Jesus of Nazareth. I know, I know: Jesus is one of those names that, if mentioned at all in polite company or professional circles, can cause an uncomfortable silence. Still, I spent too many Sundays in Sunday School and church as a child, and since then, not to have often wondered what he must have been like in person.

Scholars argue about the ‘historical Jesus.’ As a lawyer, the ‘legal Jesus’ fascinates me. Talking of the Judeo-Christian foundation of our system of law and government can seem cliché. But, it’s amazing how much of what we believe law, justice and equity are, or ought to be, are grounded on this Jewish rabbi’s teachings from and interpretations of the Hebrew scriptures. Separation of what we call ‘church’ and ‘state’? (‘Render unto Caesar….) Speaking truth to power? (‘Let the one among you who is without sin, cast the first stone.’) The importance of procedural due process? Even as we constantly seek to improve the flaws and problems we see in our own day, the events commemorated on Good Friday powerfully inform our understanding that a system of jurisprudence that would let one guilty person go free is to be preferred to one that would permit an innocent to be wrongly convicted and sentenced to death.”


J.W. Carney, Jr. – Carney & Associates
“Thurgood Marshall. He was a brilliant strategist on civil rights issues, and I would like his perspective on what the President should do in this area.”



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The People You Need to Know — on the BBA Staff!

Our unofficial theme of the week is ‘the people you need to know.’ The BBA loves to bring in speakers from all over the legal community and beyond and throws networking events at least once a month to introduce our members to people we feel like they’d want to know and encourage cross-practice discussion across the board.

But there’s another side to the BBA — the side you see when you wake up out of dead sleep in the middle of the night drenched in a cold sweat, thinking to yourself, “Oh no. Oh NO. I forgot my BBA login information! Who do I ask to get it back?!”

(It’s okay…trust us, we’ve all been there.)

Being a member of the BBA means you might end up with a lot of questions and ideas, which we want to hear. You might not know, however, the right person to ask for your specific need. That’s why, without further ado, we’re presenting an initial installment of:

Five Staff Members You Need to Know for the Following Situations

Q: “Oh no. Oh NO. I forgot my BBA login information! Who do I ask to get it back?!”

A: Yes, that tech nightmare. For your login info needs, we want to introduce you to Ashley Young, our Membership Enrollment Coordinator.


Q: “I had the best idea for a program that I think BBA members would love. Who should I talk to?”

A: That would be Kristen Scioli White, our Manager of Member Engagement. P.S. — check out her sweet John Adams mug!


Q: “Public service and pro bono work are super important to me, and the BBA has loads of public service programs. How do I get involved?”

A: Just talk to Katie D’Angelo, our Public Service Programs Coordinator extraordinaire! (Is that Beyond the Billable we see on her screen…?)


Q: “You have an event coming up and I want to attend! How do I get tickets?”

A: Erica Southerland, our Events Coordinator, has you covered…just look at how excited she is about one of our newest and most recent events!


And finally, perhaps the most important question of all…

Q: “HELP! The Keurig is out of water! I need that caffeine fix.”

A: Where would any of us be without the dynamic presence of the one and only Matthew Colleary, our Meeting & Events Set-Up Assistant?


Obviously there are many more staff members working behind the scenes to keep your BBA experience running smoothly! We’ll be back with more introductions; check back so that you can put names to faces when you’re at the BBA — and so you never feel stranded with a question again.

A Room with a View — Photo Post

Happy Law Day, BBA! As promised, we want to share a couple of the beautiful office views that were sent in.

From Carla Moynihan at Sherin & Lodgen — “New law firm, new downtown view and new orchid plant:”

sherin office

And from Phelps Turner at Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen: “Sunset over Boston from the offices of Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C.:”

sugarman office

Gorgeous! But these totally can’t compare to the incredibly scenic, picturesque, romantic view from the office of the BBA’s very own Director of Communications:


You know you’re jealous.

Missed the chance to send in a picture? Don’t worry! We’ll have plenty of other interactive opportunities coming up on Voices of the Bar.

Voices of the Bar 4/30/15: What is your favorite lawyer joke?

This Friday is Law Day, a celebration of the legal profession and all that it contributes to our society. The BBA celebrates every year by visiting Boston public schools students during Law Day in the Schools and presenting a lesson on the law, democracy, and the justice system to the students. These lessons – and hearing about the kids’ ideas about lawyers – are unfailingly entertaining; and we think that being able to have a good laugh at the stereotypes surrounding lawyers is valuable.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“What is your favorite lawyer joke?”

Anthony A. Froio – Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP
“A lawyer dies and goes to Heaven. ‘There must be some mistake,’ the lawyer argues. ‘I’m too young to die. I’m only 55.’ ‘Fifty-five?’ says Saint Peter. ‘No, according to our calculations, you’re 82.’ ‘How’d you get that?’ the lawyer asks. Answers St. Peter, ‘We added up your time sheets.'”


Martin J. Newhouse – New England Legal Foundation
“A partner and an associate had worked together on a trial. Once the matter was submitted to the jury and the lawyers had left the courtroom, the partner turned to the associate and said, ‘As you know, this case took much longer than we expected, and I’ve got to leave tonight on a cruise with my wife. I know that I can safely leave the case in your hands at this point. But just make sure that if the jury comes back with its verdict while I am away, you cable me immediately to let me know what the jury decided. Here is the name of the our cruise ship and how to send me a cable.’ At that, the partner left with his wife for their cruise.

Every day of the cruise, the partner waited for word about the jury’s verdict. Finally, after three days, a cable arrived from the associate: ‘The jury reached its verdict. Justice has been served.’ The partner cabled back: ‘Appeal immediately.'”


Larry S. DiCara – Nixon Peabody LLP
“A lawyer knocks on the doors of heaven. St. Peter suggests he looks good for someone who is 102. The lawyer responds he just turned 80. St. Peter responds: ‘That’s not what your time sheets tell me!'”


Joseph M. Griffin – The Law Office of Joseph M. Griffin
“Q: What do you call a smiling, sober, courteous person at a bar association convention?
A: The caterer.”


Christopher D. Strang – Strang, Scott, Giroux & Young
“My favorite lawyer joke is Cole Young.”



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Legal Vision: What’s Your View?

On Friday, the legal community will be celebrating Law Day, which offers special recognition to the legal community and how it shapes our society. Naturally, the BBA is ready to have a week-long celebration and reflection of the profession leading up to the day itself. (Actually, who are we kidding — we celebrate the legal community and its members all year round!)

Part of the purpose of Law Day, besides educating others about the law, democracy, and the justice system, is about communicating what it’s really like to be a lawyer and what lawyers do on an everyday basis — including some of the more nitty-gritty details. We want to really dig into the idea of “A Day in the Life of a Lawyer” to give a more comprehensive picture of what it’s actually like.

To that end, we’re asking for your participation! An open call:


Send us a picture of the view from your office!


We’re looking for all types of submissions. Maybe you’re on the top floor of a downtown skyscraper and look out over the whole city; or maybe the most accurate view of your office is the piles of important legal documents you’re working on. We want to see it all! With enough responses, we’ll run a photo set this Friday on Law Day itself.

To participate, send in your photo (with a brief caption, if you’d like) to [email protected] by 4:00 pm on Friday, May 1.

We’re excited to see what you see on a daily basis — so start sending those snapshots!

Voices of the Bar 4/23/15: What is your favorite ‘rip-off’ song?

Did you know that April 29 is World IP Day? We’ve heard plenty about high-profile lawsuits in the news recently, particularly when it comes to some of today’s most popular hit songs. Even though tunes like “Blurred Lines” and “Ice, Ice Baby” ripped off earlier songs, we have to admit they’re still pretty catchy. There is also a more recent trend of sampling from songs (with permission) to create remixes, mash-ups, etc.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“What is your favorite ‘rip-off’ song, or song that borrows in some way from another?”

Bruce D. Jobse – Burns & Levinson, LLP
“Eric Carmen of the Rasberries 1975 solo release “All by Myself” based on 2nd movement of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor. A very classy rip-off, but still cost him 12% royalty because the Rachmaninoff work was not yet in the public domain.”


Zachary Kosan – Northeastern University School of Law
“I’d have to say “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet, which appears to lift quite a bit from “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop. I like both songs, but didn’t make the connection until a musician pointed it out.”


Lena Cavallo – Northeastern University School of Law
“”Me and My Broken Heart” by Rixton, which rips off “Lonely No More” by Rob Thomas.”


Brendan T. St. Amant – Donnelly, Conroy & Gelhaar
“One of my favorite songs from back in the day is B.I.G.’s “Mo Money Mo Problems” which heavily samples Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out.””


Madhanga Wickramasinghe – New England Law Boston
“I would have to say “Surfing USA” by The Beach Boys, in which The Beach Boys borrowed Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Sixteen.” Unlike many other ‘rip-off’ songs I have listened to, it is easy to tell that these two songs do relate to each other. I heard “Surfing USA” first and fell in love with it. Growing up in California, having the occasional surfing sessions with my friends at the places the song talks about made me feel like I am a part of the song. Then I stumbled upon “Sweet Little Sixteen,” and the first idea that came to my mind was “hey, he is copying Beach Boys.” But, later I found out that it was vice versa. The songs have the same harmony and rhythm, but different lyrics. Now, I have fallen in love with both songs, every time I feel stressed or tense I listen to these two songs first. ”


If you would like to respond to a future Voices of the Bar, make sure you send a headshot, and contact Gabrielle Guarracino at [email protected].

The Stages of Coming to a BBA Lunch Program

As told by otters. Because who doesn’t love otters? (Plus, they’re famously smart and charming – just like our members.)

So you’ve looked at the BBA’s calendar and an interesting program caught your eye. Maybe it promises to offer details about an area of your practice that you’ve been curious about; maybe it will cover a cutting-edge topic outside of your practice area that you’ve been dying to explore; or maybe it has a networking element where you can meet high-profile attorneys and knowledgeable experts in a particular subject area. Whatever it is, you’re ready to dip your toes into the water and attend.

Cool Drink

You decide to enlist another member of your organization to come with you: after all, the more the merrier, and they’re sure to find the program fascinating too.

otter friends

You walk into one of the BBA’s historic meeting rooms and find yourself face-to-face with other like-minded attorneys waiting for the program to begin. Who knows – you might even say you’ve found your pack.

Otter family

The program starts, and after a while, you find that you’re learning new developments, practice tips, and other important information that you might have missed otherwise. The speaker is well-versed and offers a compelling presentation. You are, in a word, captivated.

fascinated otter

What’s more, with your new knowledge, you’re ready to continue to explore these uncharted territories and develop yourself into even more of a leader in the field.

Otter under water - close-up shot

At the conclusion of the program, you walk out feeling inspired and vowing to check the BBA’s calendar to see what else is on the horizon – you can hardly wait!

Sea Otter (Enhydra Lutris)

Voices of the Bar 4/16/15: What words of encouragement do you want to offer to this year’s Marathon runners?

We’re very proud of all of this year’s Boston Marathon runners, especially representatives from the legal community who will be running the 26.2-mile course this Monday (find out some of those names here). It is always a memorable, moving event for the city, and even more so in the past couple of years. We want to give as much encouragement possible to our runners in the face of this physical challenge.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“What words of encouragement would you want to offer to this year’s Marathon runners? What is your mantra when things get tough?”

Julie Heinzelman – Prince Lobel Tye LLP
“The best advice that I can give to this year’s runners is “never give up.” I ran the Boston Marathon in 2011 for Tedy’s Team to raise money for the American Stroke Association in honor of my grandmother. Tedy’s mantra of “never give up” was particularly helpful to me when running Boston because of problems I encountered while training and just the overall difficulty of the course. Even off of the course, his words have always stuck with me. Training through this past winter undoubtedly required a great deal of mental toughness, but it will all be worth it when each runner takes the right on Hereford and left on Boylston. Crossing the finishing line is one of the greatest feelings in the world (even though it took me forever to get there). Never give up!”


Darren Braham – Spartan Race, Inc.
“I love cheering on runners on Marathon Monday. The crowds line most of the route, and I remember how much they helped me get over the finish line ten years ago. My mantra, which, although, I repeated over and over, proved harder to follow in principle was “pain is temporary; suffering is optional”. One other tip: write your name on your shirt so people can call you out by name. Good luck runners!”


Thomas A. Mackie – Mackie Shea, PC
“Start easy, maintain a steady pace, look around, enjoy the experience. When the going gets tough, remember to embrace it – that is what you are there for.”


Rosanna Sattler – Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP
“Best of luck; but please remember, luck is the residue of design. Your preparation will undoubtedly pay off.”


Vince Pisegna – Krokidas & Bluestein LLP
“In the immortal words of Dottie Hinson (played by Geena Davis) in the movie A League Of Their Own: “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.””


Rachel Munoz – Morgan Brown & Joy
“Do not forget to have fun, celebrate your accomplishment, and take a moment to remember the victims of the Marathon bombing when you cross the finish line. When things get tough, I like to sing the song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, “I Won’t Back Down.” When things get tough for you on the course, remember that you, the victims and their families, and the City of Boston have not and will not let those who wish to create fear and harm keep us from the finish line. Also, remember that the City of Boston is cheering you on! I have run two marathons and learned that when I focused on the experience and appreciated the support from the spectators, rather than the pain of 26.2 miles, I had a much better race. ”


Amy Lipman-White – Law Office of Lipman & White
“We each set our own personal intentions when we decide to embark on something as relentless as running a Marathon. Keep sight of your intention. Bring yourself back to that moment in time which brought you here and it will carry you through the day. Good luck, Marathoners. I have no doubt you can do it.”


Joseph L. Bierwirth – Hemenway & Barnes LLP
“I would just say trust your training, listen to your body, soak it all in, and enjoy the experience! Crank some Springsteen if you’re an earbud type … those two lanes will take you anywhere!”


If you would like to respond to a future Voices of the Bar, make sure you send a headshot, and contact Gabrielle Guarracino at [email protected].

Special Shout-Out to Our Legal Community Marathon Runners!

Make sure to cheer extra loud for these names on Monday during the Boston Marathon! And runners, we already have some words of encouragement coming your way in this week’s Voices of the Bar question.


Susan Bourque (Parker Scheer) – Fifth Boston Marathon

Kathy Henry (Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp.) – Ninth Boston Marathon; running on Team MR8 in honor of Martin Richard

Emily Hodge (Choate Hall & Stewart) – Sixth Boston Marathon; running on the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Team

Kathleen Joyce (Boston Redevelopment Authority) – Third Boston Marathon

J. Patrick Kennedy (Bulkey, Richardson and Gelinas) – Eighth Boston Marathon

Sa’adiyah Masoud (Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker) – First Boston Marathon

Ryan Pace (Anderson Kreiger) – Twenty-second (!) Boston Marathon

Chinh Pham (Greenberg Traurig) – Seventh Boston Marathon

William Sinnott (Donoghue Barrett & Singal) – Fifth Boston Marathon


Congratulations, all!

P.S. Are you running but missed our initial call and don’t see your name up here? Please let us know by emailing [email protected] — we want to cheer for you too!


Poll Time: How far have you run?

We’re already gearing up for the Marathon next week — it’s a special time in our city, and even more moving over the past couple of years. We want to celebrate the spirit and resilience that it symbolizes and focus on the pride we feel in all of the runners for their great accomplishments. That’s why VoB is going to be having a Marathon-themed week here (so be sure to keep checking back for more).

Of course, even if you’re not ready to run a Marathon, we’re sure we have plenty of runners in the legal community. And we want to celebrate you, too! (We are of the opinion that all exercise should be celebrated…preferably with cookies.)

So, runners: how far do you generally run? What’s your personal best? Let us know in the poll below.

P.S. non-runners, there’s an option for you too — and we will totally be voting for it.


What is the farthest distance you've ever run?

View Results

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