Summertime and the Living Is Easy…Now Who’s Ready for Vacation?

(Have we mentioned yet that we’re really excited that warmer weather is finally here? Really, really excited?)

We hate to see the program year go (check out our upcoming tribute to the outgoing Section Co-Chairs), but we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome the advent of summer. Maybe we’ll regret that when it’s the dog days of July; but for now, we’re getting our summer on here at VoB.

On that note — we hope you are, too! And because this is Voices of the Bar, we’re curious to find out whether our members are eagerly anticipating summer for any particular reason. Like, say…a notable vacation?

So tell us: do you have a vacation already planned? Is it an outdoor backpacking adventure? A relaxing beachside weekend? Let us know in the poll below!


What are your summer vacation plans?

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Voices of the Bar 6/4/15: What are you hoping to learn during your summer as a judicial intern?

This week, the Summer Judicial Internship Program celebrated its fifth anniversary. The new class of 24 interns has a lot to look forward to this summer: an inside look at the courts, educational and networking programs held by the BBA, and much more.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“What are you most excited about for your summer as a judicial intern; what are you hoping to learn or experience?”

Alberto E. Chavez – Boston University School of Law; Intern at U.S. Bankruptcy Court
“I am most excited about meeting and getting to know all of the judges. I have already met some of the Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court judges and hope to meet more 1st Circuit judges. I’d love to be a judge in the future and would like to learn more about what it takes to become a judge in the 1st Circuit. I hope to improve my analytical, writing, and oral advocacy skills by writing bench memoranda and attending several oral arguments.”


Gary P. Spencer – Boston University School of Law; Intern at U.S. Bankruptcy Court
“This summer I am most excited at the opportunity to collaborate on projects with members of the bankruptcy bench and current bankruptcy practitioners. I hope this will give me a better understanding of the intricacies of bankruptcy law and the subject’s relation to other legal practice areas.”


Amiee N. Parco – New England Law | Boston; Intern at Boston Municipal Court
“I have only been working with my Judge for a day and a half and I have already learned so much. I have been asked to find pinpoint cites and to summarize testimony from a hearing I observed. I also sat in on a session of Mental Health Court, a program of the Boston Municipal Courts providing men and women who suffer from mental illness access to treatment programs as alternatives to traditional sentencing. I can’t wait to learn even more from watching the attorneys present their cases and hearing what the Judge thinks. I’m certain I will get lots of practice with legal reading and researching!”


Clayton W. Brite – Boston College Law School; Intern at U.S. Bankruptcy Court
“I’m excited to observe and participate in my Judge’s meetings, a process few get to experience. In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to observe court from the gallery. However, to see how a Judge thinks through issues and comes to his conclusions will be fascinating.”


Angela I. Fornis – Suffolk University Law School; Intern at Boston Municipal Court
“On my very first day as a Judicial Intern I was able to witness a jury trial, a civil case, and several criminal cases all before lunchtime.

Having the opportunity to sit in these varied cases gave me the opportunity to hone in on each attorney’s particular methods during cross-examinations and closing arguments; and to take notes of the attorney’s triumphs and mistakes in the courtroom. Equally as rewarding was the ability put myself in the shoes of the judge during these proceedings, and to discuss my opinion of the verdicts and holding with the judge at the end of the day.

My first day was a gratifying whirlwind and I found myself asking questions and feeling eager to learn more. I look forward to more rewarding experiences as a Judicial Intern this summer! ”


Alexander C. Conley – New England Law | Boston; Intern at Boston Municipal Court
“I am most excited this summer about getting an inside look at the judicial process that is usually not available to students having only only completed one year of law school such as myself. I am hoping to learn both about the judicial process itself as well as developing a better understanding the Boston court system. Additionally, I am greatly looking forward to seeing many of the legal theories which I have learned in class translated into actual practice.”


Elizabeth Georgiopoulos – Boston College Law School; Intern at Framingham District Court
“I am excited to gain exposure to a variety of legal actions and observe advocacy through the eyes of a judge. I also look forward to applying the legal research and writing skills I have begun to acquire in law school.”


Stephanie Molina – Boston College Law School; Intern at Boston Superior Court
“I am most excited to observe the legal principles I’ve learned so far come to life in the courtroom. I am also looking forward to gaining insight into how my judge decides an issue and hopefully provide her with meaningful work that will assist her in the process.”


Courtney Fears – Suffolk University Law School; Intern at U.S. Bankruptcy Court
“I am most excited to learn as much as possible from Judge Bailey this summer. I am also looking forward to meeting Bankruptcy lawyers and learning about their experiences practicing in Boston.”


Sylvester Paschal – New England Law | Boston; Intern at Boston Municipal Court
“First and foremost, I am so happy to have this opportunity to work in the courts this summer. I am most excited to get to know the judges off the bench. After all, we tend to forget that they were once lawyers, and before that law students like us! I look forward to getting to know how they got to where they are now as it will help me to understand their decision-making.”

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Where Should You Host Your Big Summer Bash?

Let’s face it: we can’t all host our summer bashes at 16 Beacon Street, the home of many upcoming end-of-year celebrations. But your soiree doesn’t have to be a bummer! We know it’s the time of year when people are planning get-togethers of all sorts for a range of reasons, and we’re to help you figure out the perfect location for your next party – whether it’s for 5 or 500

Voices of the Bar 5/28/15: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

80-degree+ weather, sunshine, barbecues — after a long winter and a beautiful but short spring, it looks like we’re jumping headlong into summer. The season heralds school vacation, exotic trips, and even small joys like beach trips and outdoor marketplaces; at the BBA, it means we’re gearing up for our Summer Career Series and a whole host of Year in Review CLEs. The BBA staff is definitely excited about the summer programs — and some other summer plans.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“What are you most looking forward to this summer?”

Jackie Querubin – CLE Coordinator
“Spending the 4th of July in Washington, D.C. I hear they really like America there.”


Kerry Crisley – Director of Communications
“That’s easy! I can’t wait for my annual weekend in Eastham with my Book Club girlfriends. The eight of us spend a wonderful two days on the Outer Cape. We hit the beach, talk, laugh, read, swim and enjoy a great dinner out. Sometimes a dance party will break out. When it does, we just go with it. It’s my favorite weekend of the summer. And yes, we do talk about the book!”


Christopher Whyte – Web & Technologies Project Coordinator
“I am excited to spend days cruising on the motorcycle around New England and enjoying walks with my Yorkie-poo Vader rather than trudging resentfully through the snow. Also, plan my wedding…maybe. ”


Jonathan Schreiber – Legislative & Public Policy Manager
“Ultimate frisbee, weekend morning coffee on the porch, and marrying my best friend in September!”


Ashley Young – Member Enrollment Coordinator
“After a couple of years working on my degree part time, even over the summer, I’m looking forward to not having research and school work to do. Instead, I’m looking forward to spending a long weekend in New York City next month, planning and celebrating birthdays for one of my nephews and my niece, taking a trip to the Berkshires later this summer, and hopefully visiting some friends on the west coast.”


Gabrielle Guarracino – Communications Assistant
“I’m beyond excited to embark on my first solo plane trip to Chicago at the end of June for my college friend’s wedding…you know it’s going to be a good one when the invitation asks you the join in the ‘post-wedding bacchanal.'”


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Voices of the Bar 5/21/15: Who is the best commencement speaker you’ve ever seen?

It’s commencement season, and the BBA wants to offer a hearty congratulations to the graduating classes of our five sponsor law firms, as well as to all of the other graduates in the Boston area. We’re also looking forward to hearing about the inspiring words of advice that they’ll be hearing from this year’s commencement speakers, who include Chief Justice of the SJC Ralph Gants, Senator Edward Markey, and David Simas.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“Who is the best commencement speaker you’ve ever seen??”

Harvey Weiner – Peabody & Arnold LLP
“I will never forget the 2008 Harvard Commencement address of J. K. Rowling.  She spoke of the fringe benefits of failure and the importance of imagination.  Her address was original and devoid of platitudes, just what you might expect from the creator of Harry Potter.”


Paul C. Bauer – Bowditch & Dewey, LLP
“My sister’s school gave an honorary degree to Stevie Wonder and he rocked out with his band for about 20 minutes.  So that by far was the best “Commencement Speaker” I have seen.”


Michael Sommerville – Cetrulo LLP
“William E. Bailey Esq. (deceased  brother of F. Lee Bailey and also a great speaker) is far and away the best speaker I have ever seen.  Intellectually brilliant, warm, personable and funny. Saw him speak many times, always to a standing ovation.”



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Celebrating Milestones: Professional Edition

As a storied and historic institution with hundreds of regular programs and events on offer, the BBA celebrates several milestones every year — every month, even. With commencement season upon us (another major milestone for many of our law student members), we’re feeling a little nostalgic and reflective as we consider recent and upcoming program anniversaries and other big news.

And with commencement on the mind, we started to think about what would surely be a major milestone for our members: work anniversaries, or how long you’ve been in practice. We’re lucky to have members across all practice areas, and in sectors ranging from private practice to the government to legal services; some are just embarking on their journeys, while others have been part of the profession for years.

We want to celebrate our members and all that they do for the law in Boston. Which means…

It’s poll time!

How long have you been an attorney?

How long have you been an attorney?

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Voices of the Bar 5/14/15: What is your favorite dynamic duo or pairing?

Passport to Pairings is coming up fast — only a little over a month separates us from the BBF’s newest signature summer event, which features not only great food and beverage pairings, but also pairs each station to a public service project of the BBA. To start getting excited about the event, we reprised a traditional question and asked the Passport to Pairings Steering Committee about their favorite pairings. Who knows — maybe we’ll see some of them served at the event on June 25th!

“What is your favorite dynamic duo or pairing?”

John A. McBrine – Nutter McClennen & Fish
“R2-D2 and C-3PO. I can’t wait to see what they’ve been up to in December.”


Kimberly B. Rainen – Tamkin & Hochberg, LLP
“What is better together than milk and cookies? My favorite pairing or dynamic duo is that childhood favorite comfort food of a warm chocolate chip cookie, fresh out of the oven, and an ice cold glass of milk for dunking!”


Christopher J. Somma – Goodwin Procter LLP
“Me and my husband. He’s sweet, kind, caring, and compassionate — and more importantly, lets me be the star!”


Marissa Urban – Holland & Knight
“Call me old fashioned – or perhaps it’s the Colorado girl in me – but I just don’t think you can ever beat some chips and Hatch Green Chili salsa with a nice microbrew. It’s the perfect combination of refreshing and spicy!”

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Which Classic Food Pairing Are You?

Ever wonder whether you’re more a bacon & eggs or cookies & milk type of person? Take our quiz to find out which classic food pairing you are — and don’t forget to mark your calendars for the BBF’s Passport to Pairings, coming up on June 25th at the BBA, so that you can find out which of these pairings might be making an appearance there.

Voices of the Bar 5/7/15: Whom do you wish you could meet from the past or present – and why?

Spring at the BBA means a slew of programs featuring hot topics and influential speakers, including programs like Cutting Edge Issues in Criminal Law and Meet the Banking GCs. We’re excited to hear from these great minds of the present as they comment on pressing and relevant issues to the profession.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“Whom do you wish you could meet from the past or present, either within the legal community or outside of it – and why?”


Ruth O’Meara-Costello — Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP
“I would love to talk with my favorite childhood author, Louisa May Alcott. In addition to writing heartfelt and insightful children’s novels about families, she was a suffragist and early feminist, and an abolitionist who worked as a nurse in a Union hospital during the Civil War. In view of my practice as an employment lawyer representing plaintiffs in gender discrimination cases (not to mention my own efforts to juggle work and kids) I think it would be fascinating to hear her thoughts on women’s roles in the workplace today.”


Anthony E. Fuller — Collora LLP
“Without question, Oliver Wendell Holmes. I recently re-read his famous Memorial Day speech from 1884 (“In Our Youth Our Hearts Were Touched With Fire…”) and was struck by how timeless that speech is. I would like to ask him to describe how his military service in combat influenced his life as a lawyer and judge. I also suspect he would have been a good guy to have a beer with.”


Nadiyah Humber – Northeastern University School of Law
“I wish I could meet Thurgood Marshall, so I could hear his thoughts on fighting for civil rights issues in 2015.”


Basilios E. Tsingos – Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp.
“If I could meet anyone from the past or present it would be the defendant of arguably the most famous trial in history: Jesus of Nazareth. I know, I know: Jesus is one of those names that, if mentioned at all in polite company or professional circles, can cause an uncomfortable silence. Still, I spent too many Sundays in Sunday School and church as a child, and since then, not to have often wondered what he must have been like in person.

Scholars argue about the ‘historical Jesus.’ As a lawyer, the ‘legal Jesus’ fascinates me. Talking of the Judeo-Christian foundation of our system of law and government can seem cliché. But, it’s amazing how much of what we believe law, justice and equity are, or ought to be, are grounded on this Jewish rabbi’s teachings from and interpretations of the Hebrew scriptures. Separation of what we call ‘church’ and ‘state’? (‘Render unto Caesar….) Speaking truth to power? (‘Let the one among you who is without sin, cast the first stone.’) The importance of procedural due process? Even as we constantly seek to improve the flaws and problems we see in our own day, the events commemorated on Good Friday powerfully inform our understanding that a system of jurisprudence that would let one guilty person go free is to be preferred to one that would permit an innocent to be wrongly convicted and sentenced to death.”


J.W. Carney, Jr. – Carney & Associates
“Thurgood Marshall. He was a brilliant strategist on civil rights issues, and I would like his perspective on what the President should do in this area.”



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The People You Need to Know — on the BBA Staff!

Our unofficial theme of the week is ‘the people you need to know.’ The BBA loves to bring in speakers from all over the legal community and beyond and throws networking events at least once a month to introduce our members to people we feel like they’d want to know and encourage cross-practice discussion across the board.

But there’s another side to the BBA — the side you see when you wake up out of dead sleep in the middle of the night drenched in a cold sweat, thinking to yourself, “Oh no. Oh NO. I forgot my BBA login information! Who do I ask to get it back?!”

(It’s okay…trust us, we’ve all been there.)

Being a member of the BBA means you might end up with a lot of questions and ideas, which we want to hear. You might not know, however, the right person to ask for your specific need. That’s why, without further ado, we’re presenting an initial installment of:

Five Staff Members You Need to Know for the Following Situations

Q: “Oh no. Oh NO. I forgot my BBA login information! Who do I ask to get it back?!”

A: Yes, that tech nightmare. For your login info needs, we want to introduce you to Ashley Young, our Membership Enrollment Coordinator.


Q: “I had the best idea for a program that I think BBA members would love. Who should I talk to?”

A: That would be Kristen Scioli White, our Manager of Member Engagement. P.S. — check out her sweet John Adams mug!


Q: “Public service and pro bono work are super important to me, and the BBA has loads of public service programs. How do I get involved?”

A: Just talk to Katie D’Angelo, our Public Service Programs Coordinator extraordinaire! (Is that Beyond the Billable we see on her screen…?)


Q: “You have an event coming up and I want to attend! How do I get tickets?”

A: Erica Southerland, our Events Coordinator, has you covered…just look at how excited she is about one of our newest and most recent events!


And finally, perhaps the most important question of all…

Q: “HELP! The Keurig is out of water! I need that caffeine fix.”

A: Where would any of us be without the dynamic presence of the one and only Matthew Colleary, our Meeting & Events Set-Up Assistant?


Obviously there are many more staff members working behind the scenes to keep your BBA experience running smoothly! We’ll be back with more introductions; check back so that you can put names to faces when you’re at the BBA — and so you never feel stranded with a question again.