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BBA on the Road: Tweeting for Pizza

The BBA is a historic institution with a proud history of ensuring access to justice, working in the community, and upholding the word of the law. It also happens to know how to throw a great party. (Anybody who needs proof of that can check out photos of Casino Night in our sidebar!)

This week, some of the BBA staff ventured outside the walls of 16 Beacon Street to visit a few of our sponsor law schools and offer some information about the BBA to curious students. And we figured — why not throw a party in the mix?

Thus “Tweets for Pizza” was born (or “Tweetza,” if you’re feeling punny). You can learn more information about the rules in this week’s Voices of the Bar question coming later today; for now, we wanted to share a photo gallery of students from Suffolk Law and New England Law Boston getting in on the fun and proudly declaring their desire for an exam period pizza party. But other students, don’t worry: we’re planning visits to our other sponsor law schools in the coming weeks.

And if you want to get in on the action early, start tweeting #bbatweetsforpizza @BostonBar now — because we’re pretty sure you’ll be jonesing for a pizza study break once exam period comes around.