Supporting Freedom for All Massachusetts “Yes on 3” Campaign

This fall, voters will be asked at the ballot box whether they want to keep in place the current non-discrimination law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity in places of public accommodation.  In keeping with its mission of promoting equal justice for all, the BBA is building on its decade-long advocacy for transgender rights by joining in the current effort to ensure that we maintain these critical protections in Massachusetts.

On Saturday, June 30, a group of BBA members and staff canvassed for Yes on 3: Freedom for All Massachusetts to spread the word about the importance of upholding public accommodations protections for transgender people in the Commonwealth.  Braving the heat wave, they spent three hours going door-to-door in Quincy, MA, engaging voters in a dialogue about the issue.  Collectively, volunteers at the canvass had close to 100 conversations with voters, moving us that much closer to making sure that we hear a resounding “YES” in November on upholding equality.

We asked a couple of volunteers about their experiences at the canvass:

“The news is full of stories of people being demonized just for trying to live their lives in safety and dignity.  I volunteered because it was an opportunity to help change that narrative.”  – Valarie Rosen, In-House Attorney

“The canvass emphasized for me the importance of engaging people around this issue. I had one conversation that I felt really made a difference in that voter’s willingness to vote to keep the law—despite his initial hesitation, at the end of our time talking he said that he agreed that no one should face discrimination based on who they are. I also talked to several people who were strong supporters of transgender rights, but didn’t realize that the question will be on the ballot in November!  I will definitely take part in future canvasses to make sure that more voters are ready to vote Yes on 3.” – Hannah Poor, BBA Staff Member

If you are interested in joining in the fight for equality, check out our recent Action Alert, which contains information about ways to get involved with the campaign.  Please help us spread the word!