Strang, Scott, Giroux & Young to Move to Beacon Hill

Strang, Scott, Giroux & Young is moving out from under the Citgo sign and over to Beacon Hill, where the firm will take up residence a few doors down from the Boston Bar Association and a lot closer to the courthouses where they represent the majority of their clients.

Their new address at 6 Beacon Street isn’t official until the end of the month, but preparations are well underway. Founding partner Christopher Strang said he has spent an increasing number of hours in the office at night and on the weekend to prepare for the move, while also handling outreach to insure the firm’s clients know where to find them.

The foundation of the firm’s business is working with businesses, especially in real estate and construction law matters. While many of the firm’s clients are based outside the city, the move to Beacon Hill represents better access to other professional opportunities for the office’s seven attorneys. Strang is currently the treasurer of the Boston Bar Foundation and a member of the Society of Fellows. He has held a number of leadership positions within the Boston Bar over the past ten years, including co-chairing the New Lawyers Section.

“To be honest, one of the major reasons to moving to the new spot is that it’s closer to the BBA and professional development and networking opportunities that downtown offers,” Strang said. “It’s also convenient for us to be closer to Suffolk Superior Court.”

The move is bittersweet, however. The firm moved into its current space in 2011, and has become part of the fabric of Kenmore Square, when much else in the Fenway and Kenmore neighborhoods has changed in the past seven years.

“This is a historic neighborhood, and we really feel like we’ve become part of the community here. We’re definitely going to miss that,” Strang said.

In a smaller office, a big change like a move can be all-hands-on-deck, especially when it comes to packing up files. But with the assistance of professional movers, Strang feels confident the process will continue to be relatively stress-free.

Beginning April 1, Strang, Scott, Giroux & Young will have an office available to sublet. Their new space at 6 Beacon has an extra office, and Strang said he would love to see someone like a solo practitioner take over that space.

For inquiries about subletting the office, please contact Christopher Strang at