Voices of the Bar 5/11/17: Tell Us About Your Law Day in the Schools Session

We are two weeks into our Law Day in the Schools program, and for the next month, volunteers will continue to go into classrooms in the city of Boston and teach students of all ages about due process in the law. We checked in with volunteers who have already completed their sessions to ask how it went.

“Tell us about your experience with Law Day in the Schools.

Jennifer Durand – Schmidt & Federico
“My colleague, Glenn, and I taught Ms. Haynes’ 4th Grade class at the Mozart School in Roslindale.  This was my first experience as a Law Day in the Schools teacher and I was a bit nervous.  The experience could not have been better.  We had a great class filled with students who were engaged, lively and active participants.  Their teacher, Ms. Haynes, was excellent as well.  She kept the students engaged, focused and had an excellent rapport with the students.  At the end of the program there is a five minute question and answer session during which the students are allowed to ask questions about our jobs, being lawyers, etc.  Our question and answer session lasted at least fifteen minutes as the students peppered us with great questions on a variety of topics, legal and non-legal; they certainly kept Glenn and me on our toes.

The students seemed genuinely interested and eager to learn and their participation and spirit was infectious, which made the experience that much easier for two newbie Law Day in the Schools teachers like Glenn and me.  I walked out of the classroom completely energized and looking forward to my next Law Day in the Schools experience.”

Joseph Molina Flynn – Attorney at Law
“My law day in the schools session was excellent. Some of the students were really well-prepared and asked really poignant questions. I am always amazed by the way students interpret the lessons based on their lived experiences. This year, we received a lot of questions regarding the applicability of due process in immigration proceedings; that was a topic we did not expect to cover but based on recent headlines students were eager to know more about.”

Wadner Oge – Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners
“I had a great, rewarding experience speaking to school students about the Due Process during my Law Day in Schools Session at Charlestown High School.  The students are immigrants from Asia and Latin America, who are learning English as a second language.  I was particularly moved and motivated by fact that I could see myself in them because I sat in a similar classroom 24 years ago.  I shared with them that I was once an immigrant student who came from Haiti, attended Dorchester High School, and became a lawyer.  I was pleased to hear back from their teacher that my co-presenter and I inspired at least two students to think about becoming lawyers one day regardless of their immigrant status and socio-economic background.”

Michael Rossi – Conn Kavanaugh
“We had a wonderful visit to the Haley Pilot School in Roslindale.  I was so impressed and encouraged by the students’ curiosity and engagement.  They had some very challenging questions for us on topics ranging from transgender rights to stand-your-ground laws.”

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