Voices of the Bar 4/13/17: What Do You Love About the Boston Marathon?

The excitement is in the air for this year’s Boston Marathon. We like to give our members a chance to let us know if they are running, and what the highlight of their day is every year on Patriot’s Day.

For this week’s “Voices of the Bar” column, we’re reaching out to ask:

“What do you love about the Boston Marathon?

Yareni Sanchez – Goulston & Storrs
“What I love most about the Boston Marathon is the sense of community that it inspires.  From Hopkinton to Copley, spectators of every age gather along the sidelines to hand out candy, energy bars (and sometimes even a beer), make a weary runner laugh with their funny signs and offer high fives or hugs to total strangers.  I’ve run marathons in other cities, but nothing compares to the raucous energy in Boston on Marathon Monday.”

Emily Hodge – Choate, Hall & Stewart
“What I love about the Boston Marathon is the dedication of the charity runners and the fans who support them.  Seeing other charity runners out on the course during training runs is inspiring – every one of them is out there running to support a cause they are passionate about.  On the day of the Marathon, the charity runners start together, and throughout the race the crowds are incredible.  They read the runners’ names and cheer for their charities, thanking the runners for being committed to the cause, and there is no better motivation.  Monday will be my eighth Boston Marathon with the Dana-Farber Challenge Team, and one of the best parts of the day will undoubtedly be when strangers yell as I jog by, “Thank you for running for Dana-Farber, Dana-Farber saved my life.”

 Hannah Bornstein  – Nixon Peabody
“For the second straight year, I am running the Boston Marathon for the PAIR Project.  PAIR is a Boston legal services non-profit that provides pro bono representation to low-income asylum seekers and unjustly detained immigrants.  I am truly honored to run for PAIR again.  My favorite part about the marathon is the run down Boylston Street:  the City of Boston is cheering you on, it’s incredibly loud, and the street is lined with countries’ flags – it feels like the Olympics.  It’s one of the most unbelievable moments in sports!”
Chinh Pham – Greenberg Traurig
“There are so many things to love about the Boston Marathon. Here are my reasons from having run this race over the years (not in any particular order): It is not only a premier Boston event, but an international phenomenon. It is THE marathon to run if you are a runner.  It has a long and storied history.  The crowd along the course is amazing and knowledgeable about running.  The challenging and technical nature of the course, including significant drops in elevation and the cruel placement of Heartbreak Hill, won’t allow you to zone out.  There are only six Marathon Majors and Boston is one.  I get to run in support of the Boston Museum of Science and their  wonderful community outreach programs.”

Heather Cox – Parker Scheer
“I love how the Boston Marathon brings out a sense of community you only see a few times a year. Spectators cheering on strangers and runners inspiring other runners. It is a beautiful thing. I also love how the city comes alive in the days leading up to the race. You can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air.”

Denise Chicoine – Englander & Chicoine
“I always look forward to this world-class athletic event which has inspired millions over the years.  As a past participant and aspiring qualifier in the future, it is thrilling to see the elite of the sport and the masses who struggle valiantly.”

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