Voices of the Bar 11/3/16: Life Sciences Conference Preview

With burgeoning industries come new legal issues, and for the first time, the BBA will host a conference that is all about life sciences. Home to a vast array of big-pharma companies, biotech startups, top research institutions, and venture capital firms and funds, Boston is on the cutting edge of the industry. The goal of this conference is to provide a unique educational opportunity for all life sciences practitioners to exchange ideas and learn about new perspectives.

For this week’s “Voices of the Bar” column, we’re reaching out to ask:

“What can attorneys and life sciences practitioners expect to get out of the BBA Life Sciences Conference?

Cynthia Mazareas – WilmerHale
“The role of legal practitioners in advising life sciences companies is critical given the complex and high stakes challenges that these companies face. From preparing to bring a product to market to protecting it once there, success for these companies requires a broad range of expertise from financing and strategic collaborations to IP and regulatory guidance: all topics to be covered at the conference.”

Mark Gaffney – Ironwood Pharmaceuticals 
“The biotech industry is premised on highly collaborative environments with the goal of advancing treatments for patients in need.  This conference creates an opportunity for lawyers and business leaders to participate in that collaborative environment – by sharing our collective wisdom, we enable our industry to better and more efficiently achieve its goal.”

Joanna Wu – ConforMIS
“Patent attorneys play an important role in the life sciences industry because it is driven by innovation.  Patent rights provide an incentive in long term investment in innovation, and the process of patenting facilitates publication and transfer of knowledge. ”

Jen Sieczkiewicz – Biogen
“Each “side” of practice, whether an attorney is an in-house practitioner and or a private practice attorney in the life sciences sector,  has something to offer the other side. It’s really our synergy that gives the best advice to the life sciences sector, and understanding each other’s perspectives and needs fosters that synergy.”

Thomas Barker – Foley Hoag
“As former Harvard President Larry Summers noted in last Tuesday’s Boston Globe, ‘within a five mile radius of Harvard Square, there is more biomedical research talent than any city in the world.’  This BBA program recognizes the importance of the life sciences industry in Boston to the health care bar.  The program panels will address the multiple facets of counseling clients in the life sciences space.  As attorneys practicing in this field, we are fortunate to be practicing in this area, in this city, at this time.”

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