Voices of the Bar 9/15/16: What Do You Wish You Had Known in Law School?

A program we enjoyed presenting this week was“What I Wish I’d Known in Law School,” and it was just what it sounds like. As our law student members get back into the swing of the school year, we wanted to hear from some of our more seasoned members about what they wish they’d known as they worked hard studying the law. Our panel was not the only place to sound off!

For this week’s “Voices of the Bar” column, we reached out to ask:

“What do you wish you had known in law school?”

Lauren Corbett – Beck Reed Riden
“Practical skills are much more valuable as a new lawyer than theories and cases. Take advantage of every opportunity to get hands-on experience, whether its through an internship, clinic, or coursework. This will have the double advantage of preparing you for practice and growing your network. ”

Meredith Hiller – Holland & Knight
“I wish I had known in law school that it’s hard to know exactly what you want to do until you’ve tried some different things.  I wish I’d also known how important I find it to have a job that is interesting and that constantly allows me to learn.”

Valerie Moore – Ferriter Scobbo & Rodophele
“I wish I had known the importance of starting to build my network early and had acted on it. There are many opportunities available to law students to network with the Boston legal community and I wish I had taken more advantage of them while in school.

Joel Reck – The Mediation Group
“As a young guy who is about to participate in his 50th law school reunion next month, I have mixed positive and negative memories of my law school experience.  I never loved it.  I wish that I had known how much I would come to love our profession and the doors that it would open to participate in our society in a variety of ways.  My head was too much in books and classes.  I did not think enough about how the law could provide a platform for giving back, which would, in turn, provide a profound sense of professional and personal fulfillment.”

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