And the Winner Is…

It’s been a long month here in Boston. We’ve seen the Duke Blue Devils triumph over the Wisconsin Badgers; we’ve seen winter think about turning into spring, start heading in that direction, and then give up and go back to winter again. And here at the BBA, we’ve been counting the votes to see who would come out on top in our School March Madness series. A huge thanks for voting week after week; and for the individuals casting their votes for one particular school, that spirit has paid off. Without further ado, the winner of our own March Madness series and thus the school that can claim to have some of the most spirited alums in Boston is…



…(drumroll, please)….



UMass, we are super excited for you! Congratulations on being so awesome that you finished on top. Virtually offering you a huge high-five:


And that concludes our first annual Boston School March Madness! Look forward to more interactive options coming your way on Voices of the Bar for the future.