Voices of the Bar 3-26-15: What is your favorite travel destination?

In the wake of President Obama’s recent Cuba Initiative, the BBA is excited to present an all-star panel at March 30’s “Cuba: Open for Business” educational program. These experts will explore recent legal developments, including the sanctions that have been eased and those that remain; the broader landscape and history of the Cuban-American relationship; and new opportunities for engagement in business, educational, and cultural activities. The thought of these new opportunities inspired us to think about broadening our horizons – literally.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out and asked:

“What is your favorite travel destination?”

Sam A. Mawn-Mahlau — Davis, Malm & D’Agostine, P.C.
“Greece. The history is humbling, the food fantastic, the art everywhere, and the people and climate both hospitably warm. And the museums stay open late into the night.”


Vatsady Sivongxay — City of Boston
“I love traveling! My favorite destination is Laos because I get to enjoy the best foods with my family.”


Matthew Ball — Boston University School of Law
“My favorite travel destination is Ventura County, California, especially after this last Boston winter. North of L.A. just enough to avoid the congestion, it’s right on the beach with beautiful sailing opportunities around the Channel Islands. Hiking paths in the hills around Ojai, a short drive from Malibu, and most of all, In-N-Out Burger, make it pretty much the perfect getaway.”


Ellen S. Kief — The Law Office of Ellen S. Kief
“Foremost, my favorite mode of travel is cycling. Vermont, as a local destination, is beautiful, with rolling hills and miles of fields, farms, flowers, and lakes. However, currently we are still in snowshoeing mode!”


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