Voices of the Bar 3/19/15: What’s your signature dish?

You might’ve seen us mention “Tweets for Pizza” lately. For the curious: we’re asking students at our sponsor law schools (BC, BU, New England Law Boston, Northeastern, and Suffolk) to follow the BBA on Twitter and tweet #BBAtweetsforpizza at us; students who do so have the chance to win an exam-period pizza party. The BBA will also be visiting each school and offering a second chance to win for students who tweet a picture at our info desk.

With this in mind, BBA Week reached out to a random sampling of its members and asked:

“What is your signature dish/drink to serve at or bring to a party?”

Karen L. McKenna – Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C.
“Every year we have a party on the 4th of July (which also happens to be my birthday) where we serve our special smoked BBQ ribs, made by my husband in his Big Green Egg after being marinated overnight in my family’s secret BBQ sauce recipe, and either margaritas or “Mexican Mules” – a refreshing combination of tequila, lime juice and ginger beer. For a less time intensive dish to bring to parties or pot lucks, I often make my sour cream corn bread (it travels well and goes with everything) or cream cheese roll-ups, which are always a big hit with the kids (and the dogs!).”


Brad Bedingfield – Goulston & Storrs, P.C.
“Pigs in a blanket. The only parties I go to these days involve lots of grubby little kids, so it has to be quick, filling, and relatively easy to scrape off the floor.”


Elizabeth W. Kaloyanides – Robinson+Cole
“I love to bring a tray of my “YiaYia’s Macaroni and Cheese.” It’s very indulgent and always a crowd pleaser, but I cannot divulge my grandmother’s secret recipe.”


Daniel T. Janis – Davis, Malm & D’Agostine, P.C.
“Exclusive craft locovore beer.”


Paul C. Bauer – Bowditch & Dewey, LLP
“My go-to choice for parties would have to be a hoppy, locally-brewed beer, typically from one of our craft brewery clients. I am no connoisseur, but I try to bring a beer that sparks conversation and tastes great.”


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