Not Just Voices of the Bar — Photos of the Bar, Too!

There’s a big week ahead for ‘Voices of the Bar,’ but we don’t want to forget anything that happened last week — including Casino Night, one of the most unabashedly high-energy BBF events, which not only transformed 16 Beacon Street into a two-levels casino but also raised money to provide Boston youth with summer job opportunities. Not a bad deal* right there, eh?

We hope you didn’t miss out on Casino Night; if you did, you can relive the magic by scrolling through our event photo album, linked to the right. Keep an eye on the sidebar, since we’ll be changing it up from time to time to feature different albums and events.

Stay tuned later this week for notable quotes, more photos, the week’s question, and of course, the next round of March Madness!

*even worse puns than this to be continued…