Change, Like Spring, Is in the Air

“Since when do I click on ‘Voices of the Bar’ and wind up on a blog?” you might be asking yourselves. It’s a fair question — and, if we’re being honest, one we’re asking ourselves as well. A ‘Voices of the Bar’ blog? How did that happen?

Ultimately, we couldn’t be more excited. See, we love sending out the weekly ‘Voices of the Bar’ question and finding out what our members think about subjects ranging from pro bono work to favorite comedians, and we know that you do too; but we realized that there are so many other opportunities to hear from our members. The ‘Voices of the Bar’ question goes out every week to a limited number of people, meaning that most of our members aren’t reached on a weekly basis, and some may never have had the chance to answer at all!

That’s why we decided to have ‘Voices of the Bar’ live on a blog platform where we could expand it and hear more from all of you — and have some fun along the way. We’ll still continue the tradition of asking a group of members the question of the week, so you always have that to look forward to every Thursday in BBA Week. If that’s all you want to read, then that’s great! But if you’re curious about what else we have up our sleeves, check back during the week for more material. We’ll be including Q&A sessions with members, open questions, photo sets, polls, and much more — basically, adding even more ways to hear, learn about, and interact with all 12,000+ Voices of the Bar that we consider ourselves so lucky to have as our membership.

Plus, we’ve already posted a picture of a puppy dressed as a superhero….so we think we’re off to a pretty good start.